Videostill. Courtesy the artist, Vitamin Creative SpaceMing Wong, videostill "Me in Me", 2013. Courtesy the artist, Vitamin Creative Space and carlier | gebauer

Ming Wong. Me in Me
19 June –  2 August 2015
Opening: Thursday, 18 June 2015, 7 pm

In his film and photography project “Me in Me”, Ming Wong isolates the figure of the idealistic Japanese woman from three recurring archetypes in Japanese cinema. Ming Wong takes the roles of the Geisha, the Manga-hero and the traditional housewife and slips them into the role of the woman as a lonely creature, misplaced in a patriarchal context looking for fulfillment and belonging. As a result of this search, the protagonist in the end defines her notion of self and finds her will to survive.

Foundation and metamorphosis of identity are Wong’s central themes. He traces phenomena such as alienation, medial visual worlds and stereotypes and sets them cinematically, partly enhanced by installations, into scenes.  In this way, the work “Me in Me” asks the question:  to what extent do gender-specific role images from the medial visual worlds over the last century mold our self-concept or our societal understanding. It is this key question going beyond what is purely medial that links his work with the RAY Fotografieprojekte Frankfurt/RheinMain. This is the first site-specific installation of his video piece “Me in Me”.

Curator: Elke Gruhn

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